Flash Fridays – March 29th

This weeks randomly generated theme is:

A beach is the location, insecurity is the theme. A mobile phone is an object that plays a part in the story.

Ok, so here goes:

Whoever thought walks on the beach were romantic clearly went to the gym more than me. I’m pretending to look for a spot, but I’m actually trying to avoid all the gorgeous, half-naked women. If we can stay away from them I’ll have a chance at keeping his attention. I spot a gap by a plump couple. As I throw down our towels he says, “Babe, can we get closer to the water?”

I look at the water. It’s filled with skinny women with big boobs. How is that even possible? What magical food are they eating that goes straight to their boobs? My weight goes right to my hips, before setting up camp and preparing itself for a long stay. It’s not fair. I make sure his back is to the water.

“I like this spot.”

“Ok gorgeous, if you’re happy, I’m happy.” He pulls off his t-shirt. His body is golden and rippling. I could stare at it all day. I bet those skinny bitches could too. I wonder again why he’s with someone like me.

He pulls out his phone and says, “Take your top off, I want a bikini photo.”

I fold my arms across my chest, “It’s too soon after Christmas. Can you wait until I’ve lost a few pounds?”

“Nonsense, you look amazing. Go on, one quick photo.”

I concede, before he finds someone else. I stand there awkwardly. He smirks, “The lads down the pub will like that one!”

“Don’t you dare!”

“Let’s get one together.” He reaches out his arm and puts the other one around me. It won’t be a good photo, but I am sure I will be glad of it soon, as a reminder of him when he leaves me for someone better.


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