Flash Fridays – May 10th

This weeks randomly generated theme is:

A castle is the location, arrogance is the theme. A vase is an object that plays a part in the story.

Ok, so here goes:

Harold loomed over the the servant as she desperately tried to pick up the broken shards of porcelain. He enjoyed the fear in her eyes, it was a sign of respect. He reminded her of the consequences of upsetting him, “Do you have any idea what that was worth? A lot more than you are. I have a good mind to throw you in the dungeon as a lesson to the others!” Her eyes widened and her pace increased, causing her to cut herself several times on the smaller pieces. A wicked smile spread across his face.

An advisor appeared next to his side with a deep bow, “Your highness, your attention is required in the dining room, the Queen of Eden is waiting for you.”

“Let her wait, I am busy! She is here to ensure I don’t crush her pathetic little country. Tell her I will be another hour.”

The advisor squirmed, “Sire? This is a valuable alliance, she has already waited two hours, might I suggest you leave this servant to her duties?”

Harold wheeled his considerable girth around and stared up into the advisors eyes, “How dare you talk to me in that way. I am tending to important castle business. Tell her to wait or I will throw you and your family in the dungeon, do you understand?”

The advisor bowed so low his head scraped the ground, “Of course your highness, my apologies, I forgot my place.” This new King had the temperament of a petulant child, because he was one. There was no telling what he might do. He acted as if the world belonged to him, which in this castle was true. The advisor scurried off to relay the message and avoid the Kings wrath, leaving Harold to play with his new toy. The child King turned back to find the servant had escaped, leaving no trace of the crime she had committed. He would punish her later. Without his distraction he turned and stomped towards the dining room to remind everyone just how important he was.


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