Flash Fridays – May 17th

I’m trying something new for Flash Friday this week. I stumbled across a Blog that has a weekly Flash Friday competition and they use a picture prompt. This week the goal was to write exactly 250 words about this picture:

Photo by John C. H. Grabill

Photo by John C. H. Grabill

Here is my attempt:

Skinny Pete sauntered into the drinking hole, dusty from the long ride. He placed his hat on the bar and ordered a water from the grisly barman.
“We don’t be servin no water here. It’s whiskey or nothin.”
Pete leaned in closer, “We both know you water your whiskey down, just make mine very watered down.”
The barman bared his teeth, well tooth, “Are you accusing me of cheatin honest folks out of booze?”
Pete stared around the bar at the misfits and reprobates that made up the clientele, “Nope, I am sure if an honest person ever came in here you would serve them real whiskey.”
Chairs scraped and guns were drawn. The irony of men like these desperate to defend their honour after a heavy night of thieving and whoring. Pete counted six of them, all itching to prove how big and tough they were. Well they certainly were big. This was hardly a fair fight. He sighed, “Alright you lot, let’s take this outside.”
He strolled out through the swinging doors and stood with the sun at his back. They lined up like dominos. They squinted and swayed from the drink. They didn’t warn him, they just pointed their guns and started shooting. He stood very still as the bullets whizzed past his meagre frame. When he heard the clicks of empty chambers he calmly shot each of them centre mass, one bullet each. Then he strolled back inside and said, “Ok fine, I’ll take that whiskey.”

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