Flash Fridays – June 7th

Here’s my attempt at this weeks Flash Friday. We only had 100 words to play with this week so I had to choose carefully. The prompt was:

Photo courtesy of Domenico Mattei, PixabayPhoto courtesy of Domenico Mattei, Pixabay

The Bachelor Party

“Are you going to tie me up to a lamppost naked?”
“Nope. Better than that.”
“Paintball then, you are all going to shoot me in the family jewels.”
“Keep guessing.”
“Some kind of stripper related thing?”
“You should be so lucky. It’s something funny. It will be a barrel of laughs.”
“Ok well as long as it’s funny. I was worried you’d take advantage of my aquaphobia!”
“Sorry I should have clarified, when I said it would be funny I meant for us.”
“I don’t like the sound of that. What’s that behind your back?”
“Nothing to worry about, just pop on this blindfold…”


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