Flash Fridays – June 19th

I wasn’t expecting to post this week but I found myself surprisingly awake after returning from our vacation at 11pm so I figured I should put this energy to good use! This weeks Flash Friday had a great prompt and a strict 200 words limit. Here’s what I came up with:

Smoo Cave, Durness (Highland, Scotland). Photo taken by Florian Fuchs, WikiCommons.

Smoo Cave, Durness (Highland, Scotland). Photo taken by Florian Fuchs, WikiCommons.

Flameo and Dewy-wet

Gather round children and let me tell you the story of how we came to be. Many years ago, there was a cave where both water nymphs and fire fairies lived. This was a dark time, a time of conflict, a never ending battle for supremacy between these two warring factions. The fighting continued for many years, long after anyone could remember how it had started.

In an attempt to end the bloodshed the ruling families from both sides agreed to meet. Whilst their negotiations proved unsuccessful, it did create the fateful encounter. The dashing Flameo glanced across the room and instantly fell in love with the daughter of his sworn enemy, the fair maiden Dewy-wet. She caught him staring and was drawn to the way his embers danced in the wind. Their’s was a forbidden love, a secret neither could divulge, until finally they found a way to be together again. So deep was their love, so passionate was their embrace that he did not notice he was being expunged, and she did not care she was boiling away, until eventually nothing remained of them but steam. And that dear children is how the first Wisp was born…

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