Flash Fridays – August 2nd

Welcome again to another Flash Friday. This week we had a very generous range of 100-200 words to write a story about the following prompt:

Photo by Bild Bundesarchiv, WikiCommons

Photo by Bild Bundesarchiv, WikiCommons


“Your tongue is sticking out.”
“You always stick it out when you are unsure of your calculations. Are you absolutely certain this is going to work?”
“Yes of course, you think I would risk destroying the neighbourhood?”
“Forget the neighbourhood, if you’ve got this wrong it’s the planet I am concerned about!”
“Now you’re just being dramatic. I checked the numbers a dozen times, everything is in order.”
“Ok, well if you are so sure, then you can push the button.”
“That wasn’t what we agreed. I do the math and you run the equipment. Now hop to it.”
“You want it to be my fault! If this thing tears a rift in the space time continuum I’m holding you responsible.”
“Stop stalling and push the bloody button.”
“This is just going to be a small jump right? I don’t want to leap back to before we were born, or become lunch for a T-rex.”
“We’ll barely jump back at all. I’ve calibrated the numbers for a three hour hop. Let’s walk before we run.”
“Ok, well here goes nothing!”
“Your tongue is sticking out.”

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