Flash Fridays – Oct 11th

For this weeks Flash Friday we had 200 words to write about the following prompt:

Dog on Colma di Mombarone. Photo by Dan Fador.

Dog on Colma di Mombarone. Photo by Dan Fador.


Jacks gaze drifted up the intimidating mountainside. He sent Jill up ahead, she had a knack of finding the most economical path. She clambered up the slope with ease, occasionally stopping to check he was keeping up. He slipped on a muddy patch, pebbles skittering as he righted himself. Jill changed directions, finding a better route. Higher and higher they climbed, until the air was so thin he had to gulp it in. In the distance a wolf howled a lonely song, causing Jill to bark in response. Jack smiled, this was what it was all about, back to nature. As they reached the peak he felt truly alive.


I watch as master scrambles up the hillside, his measly two legs affording limited purchase. I hate these walks, he is always moments from death. I try to find a path that is safe. A dangerous smell catches my nose, a bear is close by. Master slips in the dung before I can warn him. I trace the scent and change our path to keep him safe. A distant cousin howls hungrily as he catches masters scent. I warn him off. Finally we make it to the top, my heart pounding from the exertion and the stress of keeping master alive.


5 thoughts on “Flash Fridays – Oct 11th

  1. Love the different viewpoints! Both sound so true to their respective owners, and so true to how we earthly critters see the world around us! 😀

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