Flash Fridays – Nov 1st

For this weeks Flash Friday we had 260 words to write about the following prompt:

Old Car. Photo by Brigitte Werner.

Under the Hood

I pull up to the start line and rev the engine. I smile as it backfires loudly, startling the men huddled around their cars. As they turn to stare I get out. One of them whistles. So predictable.

I spot the ringleader, he’s leaning on a Ferrari. I flash him a smile, “I heard you guys like to race. Fancy taking me on?”
He glances at my car and only sees the rust holes. He turns his attention to me, or more specifically my breasts. I’ve got them rammed into a push up bra today, it’s horribly uncomfortable but very effective. He talks to them, “Sorry darling, we race for cars. You’ve got nothing worth winning.”
I unzip my race suit another inch, “Nothing?”
The other guys nudge him and goad him on until he says, “Tell you what, I’ll race you, but when I win you’re mine for the evening. The only part of your car I want is the back seat.”
I do my best giggle, “Deal.”
He smirks and climbs into his car. His engine roars. I do some quick math on his weight to torque ratio and like the result. I climb into my carefully camouflaged car and flip the switch to Race mode. The engine stops puttering and purrs calmly.

It’s over in seconds, he’s a red dot in my rearview mirror. He hands over the keys reluctantly and says, “how?”
“You boys, you really need to stop paying attention to whats on the outside and start thinking about what’s under the hood.”


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