Flash Fridays – Dec 6th

This week was a very special Flash Friday, marking the one year anniversary of the competition. What a fitting way to end the year with a picture of a majestic dragon! We had 350 words to write about this:

Dragon of Halong Bay (Vietnam). Photo by LoggaWiggler.

Dragon of Halong Bay (Vietnam). Photo by LoggaWiggler.

The Ruse

Infernicus stared at the weedy creature prancing around before him. The insignificant ant had the nerve to taunt him, “Prepare to die foul monster!”

The dragon concentrated and melded with the hive mind, “Brothers, are you certain this is the path?”
The oldest and wisest of them responded, his voice echoing through time, “We are certain, the knowledge of the ages has spoken. These humans will one day pose a worthy challenge, but for now they must think we are slain so they no longer live in fear. You must play your part youngling.”

Infernicus turned his attention back to the knight, who had jumped down off his horse and was preparing to strike. He shot off a half hearted fireball to keep him occupied.

“Are you sure I cannot eat him? He is so arrogant.”
“This is both their ultimate strength and their greatest weakness. They think they can do anything. This one believes he is a dragon slayer! It will not help our ruse if you devour him.”
“Can I at least wound him? It will help to sell his victory.”
There was a moments silence, followed by grumbling agreement, “We suppose, but be gentle.”
The knight chose his moment to charge, thrusting his meagre sword at the dragons chest. It bounced harmlessly off the thick leathery scales. Infernicus bit off his attackers arm in retaliation.

The knight stared at the stump for a moment before letting out an almighty scream. His agony was drowned out by a chorus of sighs in the hive mind, “That was not gentle.”
“Don’t worry, it wasn’t his sword arm. He can still defeat me. I am sure it will grow back.”
“You have much to learn of humans, they are fragile beings. Hurry up and be slain before he bleeds to death.”

Infernicus slumped his face to the ground, placing his eye within range of the knights sword. He prepared himself for the long sleep, his brothers already hiding in plain sight around the world. He hoped for humanities sake that they developed better pointy sticks in the next thousand years.


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