Flash Fridays – Dec 13th

Welcome to Year 2 of Flash Fridays! There have been some tweaks to the rules, there is still a photo prompt but now there is an additional element to include in the story. This week the additional element is Laughter. We had 150 words to write about this prompt:

Sandy Straits Fisherman, ca 1920. Australian publid domain image.

A Big Pond

The day I died was a beautiful summers day. The water was glass, there was barely a ripple to disturb the sky. Then the shadow appeared and blocked out the sun.

Movement caught my eye. I gave chase out of sheer instinct, I didn’t stop to ask questions. It’s not easy being a small fish in a big pond. A minnow darted in and out, frantic. I didn’t think I’d catch it, but then it stopped suddenly. I’d swallowed it before I caught the glint, by then it was too late. There was a sharp pain as I was dragged towards the shadow. I fought and I fought, I swam away as fast as I could, but it never let up. I only rested for a moment. I was ripped from the water, gasping for breath. The last thing I heard was a young boys laughter as his Dad congratulated him. I was his first, he was my last.

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