Flash Fridays – Jan 31st

For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate a phone call into our story about the following prompt:

Car wreck, ca 1920. Public domain photo.

Car wreck, ca 1920. Public domain photo.

A wheel of a time

Caleb watched the man in the suit as he crossed the street, oblivious. He refocused as the car pulled up next to him, right on time. He’d trained his whole life for this moment. He ducked down and locked the tire iron in place with a clunk. The first three bolts went smoothly, but the last one stuck. His adrenaline surged, the window narrowing. He wrenched with all his might and the bolt loosened with a squeak. The engine puttered and the car jumped forwards, the wheel still in place. He had failed.

He held his breath as the car picked up speed, wishing for a miracle. His prayers were answered, with an almighty protest the wheel fell off and the car lurched to the left, narrowly missing the man in the suit. Caleb exhaled and ducked away, retrieving the phone from his pocket. He uttered the words he’d waited a lifetime to say, “Mission complete, Mr. Roosevelt is safe.”

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