Flash Fridays – Feb 28th

This weeks Flash! Friday asked us to incorporate the theme of a Vendetta into the following prompt:

Gary Plant Tubular Steel Corporation.Gary Plant Tubular Steel Corporation, 1943. Public domain photo.


The supervisor appears at my shoulder, his bulbous eyes twinkling with reflected sparks. He carefully inspects my latest handiwork, “Excellent work Rache. Just be sure to get enough coating around those rivets, we wouldn’t want them popping when our brave boys hit altitude now would we!”

Of course I do. I want them to fall out like the bombs those bastards dropped on my village, killing my baby boy. The memory causes tears to well up behind my goggles. My government told me I wasn’t allowed revenge, that the front line was no place for a woman. They told me to do my part by working in a factory. They never specified who’s factory.

I smile, concentrating on translating, “Thank you sir, Peggy is an excellent teacher.”
Peggy beams. That will buy me a few more ‘mistakes’. It will take years before my rivets fail, but each one is a tiny cut in this monsters hide. They will all pay.


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