Flash Fridays – April 11th

So there is a bit of a backstory to today’s Flash! Friday piece. Last week our fearless leader Rebekah may have slightly missed her deadline for posting the winners on Sunday. This led to much speculation about what could possibly be more important than telling us lot who was the glorious victor. Myself and Karl Russel decided who better to figure out the story behind the delay than the gang over at Flash! Friday. Thankfully Rebekah was gracious enough to play along, so behold – my version of events last week that completely and utterly ignores the word limit in favour of spinning a suitably elaborate tale 🙂

Oh, I am also completely ignoring the photo and coming up with my own!

Flasher Girl

One Paragraph at a time

Hi I’m Flasher Girl. Yes, you can stop sniggering, I have heard it all before. Should have thought that name through more before I ordered that extra large box of business cards. Anyway, my super power is nothing to laugh about, I am saving the world from bad writing. Why does everyone always make that face when I say that? It’s a legitimate power! Seriously, writing defines us long after we are gone. Do you want future generations to think we couldn’t string a sentence together?

I kind of adopted a whole gang of sidekicks to help with my quest. I may have forgotten to mention the quest part to them, so mums the word. It’s a weekly meeting kind of gig, like AA but with more booze. We have a schedule and everything. Unfortunately every now and then my super work gets in the way. Take last Sunday for example, I was happily typing up my winners post when my niece texted me. I could hardly believe my eyes, she swapped some of the letters for numbers! I hopped right in my car and drove over there to lecture her on the importance of good grammar. Sure she lives seven states away, but it was worth it. You can’t let six year olds think they can get away with that kind of nonsense. Anyway, I had to be vague in my explanation of the delay to the sidekicks, I don’t want them all knowing my secret and thinking they can move into the dragon cave with me. If anyone asks it was a power cut something or other, or maybe a broken laptop. Yes, that has a nice ring to it, broken power laptop cut. Ok, thats my alibi sorted. Now I am off again to save the world, one paragraph at a time. L8TR. Wait, what? Nooooooooo!


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