Flash Fridays – April 18th

In this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate the theme of Treasure into a story about this prompt:

Gare du Nord, Paris. Photo by Elliot Gilfix.

 Gare du Nord, Paris. CC Photo by Elliot Gilfix.

The Greatest Treasure

The rumbling in my feet transforms into the gentle tug of inertia. I smile, the greatest treasure known to mankind is mine.

I am wrenched from my daydream with a bang. The carriage door slides open to reveal a police officer. He tips his cap, “Afternoon Miss, I don’t mean to disturb, we are searching for a murderer. Have you seen any suspicious men around?”
“I’m afraid not. Should I be concerned?”
“Well Miss he targets pretty young ladies like yourself, carves them up. You should lock your door.”
“Of course. How do you know he’s on this train?”
“Found his car at the last station.”
I shiver, “He sounds monstrous, I do hope you find him.”
“Don’t worry, we will.”
He leaves and I lock the door. The Police disembark at the next station empty handed.

The car, what a stupid mistake. I will know better next time. I sit back and collect my prize, the gift of freedom.


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