Flash Fridays – April 25th

This weeks Flash Friday has us incorporating the theme of Knowledge into a story about the following prompt:

Canal Workers (Suez Canal). Photo by Hossam el-Hamalawy.

 Canal Workers (Suez Canal). CC Photo by Hossam el-Hamalawy.


“But I want to get to know Akila before I marry her!” I blurted out incredulously.
“Nonsense, I have already met her and deemed her suitable.”
“But what if I don’t love her?”
“Bah, you kids and your love, too many Bollywood movies!”
“I will find a way to meet her.”
“I had better not see you anywhere near that girl!”

That was the start of my plan. I ‘borrowed’ one of Mothers burqas and infiltrated a gathering at the house of my new wife. There was an animated group of women around her, chatting loudly. They eyed me suspiciously as I sidled up.
“Don’t worry Akila, I am sure he is a nice young man.”
She sighed, “I heard he is short, fat and ugly.”
I opened my mouth to protest and then clamped it shut.
Her eyes met mine, “I also heard he is too nosy for his own good and has large hairy man hands.”
Uh oh.


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