Flash Fridays – May 16th

Well it has been a whole year since I started writing over at Flash! Friday and what a year it has been! There are so many great people over there, you should totally go check out all their awesome stories.

This week we had to incorporate the theme of Comeuppance into a story about the following prompt:

Berlin, Rückkehr Emil Jannings aus Amerika

Emil Jannings in Berlin. Creative Commons photo Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-07770.

The Sequel

He called me the sequel, an inferior attempt to recreate the magic of the original. It was true. We may have looked identical, but I did not inherit his confidence or charm. When Mother died he locked me away, afraid I would steal his attention. That was fine with me, I was happy with my books.

Until that fateful mistake. He burst into my room, panicked. His agent had double booked him. There was only one way he could be in two films at once.

Remembering the script was easy. Acting like him was much harder. He was pompous, arrogant and loud. He taught me well though, he knew how to pretend to be someone else.

I did so well we won an award. He tried to lock me back in the room, but I was him now. Imagine his surprise when I knocked him down.

It’s my turn outside, my time in the spotlight. Time to collect my prize.


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