Flash Fridays – May 23rd

For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate an Unpaid Bill into a story about the following prompt:


Letter boxes, Area 51. Public domain photo by MartinStr.

Long Distance

Please hold, your call is important to us.
If my call is so important why is no-one answering it?
Finally someone picks up, “Hello, my name is John, how may I assist you?”
“There appears to be some kind of mistake, my phone bill says I owe $32,000,024 and 12 cents!”
“Ok, let me check….yes, that’s correct.”
“You made a long distance call to the horse head nebula. Once you leave the solar system we charge by the parsec.”
“That wasn’t me! It must have been my lodger. Short bloke. Asked if he could phone home.”
“Well it was on your phone line, so the charge stands.”
“Clearly I am not paying it! You can shove it right up your parsec.”
“Sir, we will send collection agents to your house.”
“You guys can’t even answer the bloody phone in a timely manner!”
I hear the squeal of tires outside and there is a loud knock at the door. Bollocks.

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