Flash Fridays – June 6th

This weeks Flash! Friday had us incorporating a Fire into a story about the following prompt:

Bell Tower of Guadalest, Costa Blanca, Spain. CC photo by Anguskirk.Bell Tower of Guadalest, Costa Blanca, Spain. CC photo by Anguskirk.

Salvation from above

“Father, the fire is dying.” The young boy looked worried, his tiny hands shivering in anticipation.
The priest glanced up from his bible, “Throw some kindling on it then boy.”
John’s teeth chattered, “There is no more wood.”
“Nonsense, there are plenty of trees outside.”
“They are frozen solid and we already burned the axe handle.”
“Are you telling me there is nothing left to burn?” The priest glanced around and confirmed that assessment. He caught the child eying his bible hungrily, “You will burn this bible over my dead body. Ring the bell, the Lord will hear our prayers and provide salvation.”

John reluctantly obeyed. He tugged on the rope and ice cascaded from above with a clang. There was a loud snap, followed by a bell crashing through the ceiling. It crushed the priest in an instant, the bible rolling from his limp hands. John stared at the heavens and shrugged before tossing the book into the flames.


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