Flash Fridays – July 18th

This week we had to incorporate the theme of Clumsiness into a story about the following prompt:

Shiva. CC photo by Raphael Goetter.

Shiva. CC photo by Raphael Goetter.

Out of balance

Suzie lands with barely a whisper. She is the epitome of control. She has tamed her normally wild hair into a tight bun. I can almost hear it straining to be unleashed. She glides away, and suddenly I’m next.

They never should have let me into gymnastics. One look is enough to confirm that grace is not my strong suit. Thankfully teachers can’t say no anymore, they are supposed to encourage children’s delusions until the bitter end. The only thing straining on me is the spandex. It looks painted on.

I stare at my rival, the balance beam. It stands between me and Suzie. I’m determined to conquer it. I run at it with the speed of an asthmatic sloth. I catapult off the springboard, and for a moment her face lights up. Then I land with a high pitched squeak, legs akimbo. The balance beam has won this round. I won’t need to worry about girls for a while.


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