Flash Fridays – October 10th

For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate surgery into a story about the following prompt:

Circus clowns visit sick boy. CC photo Boston Public Library.Circus clowns visit sick boy. CC photo Boston Public Library.

The Big Finale

“Doctor, are you sure this operation will cure Timmy?”
The Doctor smiled, “I’m afraid there are no certainties when it comes to the brain, but it will certainly give him the best chance.”

Timmy looked up from the bed, “I keep telling you, there’s nothing wrong with me!”
Timmy’s Mother shook her head, “He seems to like having them around, swears they’re real.”
“They are real! Bobo, tell them…”
Bobo threw a cream pie in Coco’s face. Timmy let out a belly laugh, causing the adults to jump. The Doctor smiled nervously, “Does he laugh like this at home?”
“All the time, says they are up to all sorts of nonsense.”
The Doctor lowered his voice, “I’m afraid there may be side effects. He may completely lose his imagination…”
“That’s ok, we are a family of accountants, he won’t be needing an imagination.”

Timmy watched as Bobo slowly climbed into the giant cannon. It was time for the big finale.


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