Flash Fridays – October 31st

A very Happy Halloween to everyone! For this weeks Flash!Friday we had to include a monk in a story about the following prompt:

Caution. CC photo by Oleg.

Caution: Radiation Controlled Area. Creative Commons 2.0 photo by Oleg.

Stripping Atoms

“Shouldn’t we be wearing special gear?”
My new partner is fresh from the academy, he hasn’t learned these streets yet. He looks like the righteous type, I’m not sure he will like what we find inside. I decide to have a little fun, “No need, I’ve developed an immunity to the radiation. Of course my balls have never been the same. Up to you if you want to wear your suit.”

He positively sprints to the trunk of the squad car. There’s a lot of rustling as he pulls on the bulky suit. I stifle a chuckle as he waddles towards me, “Ok rookie, lead the way.”

He hesitates at the door, eyes glued to the warning sign, “Are you sure the disturbance is in here?”
“That’s what the dispatcher said. You’ll find there is a lot of trouble in here around lunch time. In you go.” I give him a little nudge.

The first thing to hit him is the bright light, followed by the deep hum. I think he might be screaming, it’s hard to tell. I hope he isn’t pissing himself like the last guy, that makes a real mess in the suit. I stroll past him, greeting the heavyset bouncer by name. The music is thumping and the girls are dancing at their poles, despite the noon hour. The fun never ends at Stripping Atoms.


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