Flash Fridays – November 28th

For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate a coming of age into a story about the following prompt:

Your hand in mine; goodbye.

Your Hand in Mine/Goodbye. CC2 photo by Tony.

 If only I’d known

The thing I will never forget about Suzi is her smile. It could light up a room. She never stopped smiling. No matter what happened you could always rely on Suzi to find the bright side. It’s what I miss the most.

I just wish she had said something. We were best friends, we told each other everything, or at least I thought so. Now I realize I did all the talking. She never talked about boys or college or life after graduation. I was so busy worrying about my future I never stopped to ask about hers.

They say that depression is like being caught in a never ending storm, that the world ceases to be a place of wonder and becomes cold, damp, dark. I shudder to think of her standing there, all alone, drowning in a sea of her own creation. If only I’d known. I could have helped her. I could have been her umbrella.


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