Flash Fridays – December 6th

Apologies for the delayed posting this week, it is all due to the momentous occasion that is the Flashversary – the celebration of another fantastic year of Flash! Friday. Seeing as we got a little extra time to enter this week I wanted to really give it some thought. I actually ended up writing two entries as I couldn’t quite decide which way I wanted to go. In the end I went with my second attempt as my official entry – fingers crossed!

Our goal this week was to write about the following prompt. There was no required element this week, it was entirely up to us:

Red Sunset. CC2.0 photo by Petteri Sulonen.

Red Sunset. CC2.0 photo by Petteri Sulonen.

My first thought was of course of dragons. Here’s what I came up with:


I stare down at the tiny creatures scurrying far below. Just yesterday they had been squabbling amongst themselves, fighting a civil war that no-one could remember starting. Their ability to kill their own was staggering, it was a wonder there were any left.

I swoop down, unleashing another volley of flames. I pick out my targets with delicate precision, a thief here, a murderer there. I occasionally scorch an empty barn or hut, anything to maintain the illusion of chaos. They never understand I am saving their village, removing the toxins while giving the survivors a common enemy to rally against. It never fails.

The other dragons have long since given up. They insist these insects are beyond saving. I don’t believe that though, I can sense a fire in their hearts, a burning desire to survive. All I need to do is temper their potential with dragon fire.


I re-read it a couple of times and while I liked it, it wasn’t quite enough for such an important week, so I went back to the drawing board. I thought it might be fun to write from the point of view of the fire. Here’s what I came up with:

A Flicker of Hope

I was born as a flicker in a small gas lamp, used to keep away the damp.

A tarnished table worn with age, wobbled enough to break my cage.

An open window caused a breeze, gave me the life to grow with ease.

I soon got larger, bolder, certain. I found my way into the curtains.

The ceiling held on slightly longer, but it soon fell unto my hunger.

The creatures felt the blast of heat, they suddenly leapt onto their feet.

They grabbed their buckets filled with water, their dark intention was my slaughter.

At first I withered, tried to hide. They sought to keep me trapped inside.

They thought this battle was one-sided, they didn’t know I had divided.

I quietly crept across the roof, doing my best to hide the truth.

My time here’s brief, my goal is slight, I simply want to burn the night.


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