Flash Fridays – December 19th

For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to write a story about the following very Christmas themed prompt:

Wanted: Santa Claus. CC artwork by Kevin Dooley.Wanted: Santa Claus. CC artwork by Kevin Dooley.

A regular Santa Claus

Officer Penny reviewed his notebook, “Mr. Nicholas, what were you doing inside that private residence at approximately 4:15 this morning?”

The burglar was still dressed in his bright red tracksuit. Must be new gang colours. He let out a deep chuckle. Clearly he felt no remorse.
“I was there to deliver toys!”
“Sure, sure, you’re a regular Santa Claus. We caught you with a sack full of gift wrapped electronics with other peoples names on them. Care to explain that?”
“I hadn’t delivered them yet!”
“Right, of course. We also impounded your getaway vehicle, which we found on a nearby roof. Seems like you were planning on getting out of there in a hurry.”
“Of course, I still have thousands more houses to get through.”
“You heard him lads, he just confessed to planning a crime spree. Book him.”

No-one noticed the scratching noise from the evidence room as a new name slowly appeared on the naughty list.


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