Flash Fridays – January 2nd

Hello and welcome to the first Flash! Friday of 2015. A very Happy New Year to you all!

This week we had to write a story about the following prompt:

Spying, 1972. CC3 photo by Daniel Teoli Jr.Spying, 1972. CC3 photo by Daniel Teoli Jr.

Child’s Play

Life had dealt Franklin the short end of the stick, quite literally. After thirty years he was still waiting for the ‘growth spurt’ he’d been promised as a kid. No-one ever expected him to amount to anything. It was his greatest asset.

Dressed the right way, he looked like a child. Following his target was child’s play, or at least that’s what he wanted them to think. He’d often bring a few neighbourhood kids along to help sell the act, they’d do anything for more pocket money.

The man in the suit laughed as the pack of kids bustled around him. He didn’t feel the tracker being slipped into his jacket pocket. He’d lead Franklin right to the kingpin. The only question remaining was who would pay the most for the information. The rival cartel had deep pockets, but the FBI had all that taxpayers money. Franklin was always short of everything, except cash. It pays to be underestimated.


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