Flash Fridays – February 6th

For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate a fleeting moment into a story about the following prompt:

Rain (Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica). CC2.0 photo by NannyDaddy.

Rain (Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica). CC2.0 photo by NannyDaddy.

Hey Presto!

Presto ambled quietly around the park. He used his umbrella as a makeshift walking stick, to ease his weary joints. Why had he waiting so long to hang up his pointy hat?

Suddenly the air was filled with a high pitched cackle. He sighed wearily, “Good morning miss. How may I help you?”
“I’m Izzy. I’m going to earn my cat by defeating the most infamous of wizards.”
“You mean retired wizard. You know the rules, I’m no longer fair sport.”
“The elders will make an exception. Raise your wand and die like a man.”
“I’ll do no such thing. If you plan to end me you shall do it in cold blood.”

Izzy shrugged. Her first fireball was wide by several feet. Presto tutted, “Your stance is all wrong, your weight should be on your back foot.”
She screamed in frustration. The next one was closer, the embers singed his beard. Presto raised his hands in surrender, “Better, but you’re so busy attacking you’ve forgotten to defend yourself.”

The umbrella opened with a whoosh, revealing the wand underneath. The rain spell worked instantly. Presto ignored the wails from behind as he took a pleasant stroll in the rain. He had to hand it to retirement, it was never dull.


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