Flash Fridays – February 20th

First of all, a very Happy 1st Birthday to my beautiful baby girl. I can hardly believe it was a year ago that we were racing to the hospital after cleaning up the dog barf (twice) and pulling the handle off the garage door in our excitement!

Anyway, for this weeks Flash! Friday we have to incorporate the Moon into a story about the following prompt:

Liverpool -- Hope Street. CC photo by Harshil Shah. Sculpture "A Case History" by John King.Liverpool — Hope Street. CC photo by Harshil Shah. Sculpture “A Case History” by John King.


“Kids, five minute warning, if you aren’t down here we’ll be blasting off without you!”
Experience has taught me it will be closer to thirty. Teenagers have a habit of turning the simplest tasks into Shakespearean tragedies.

Case in point. Charlotte skulks by, the angst dripping off her and soaking into the walls, “Daaaad. Do we have to go to the stupid Moon? It’s for kids! All we do is bounce around. Jane’s Dad is taking her to Mars…”
“Sweetheart, I would love to send you to Mars.” On days like today in particular, “But your little brother can barely sit through breakfast, how’s he going to manage a 3 week road trip?”

The puppy dog eyes appear. These only come out when she wants something, “Maybe you could take him and I could go with Jane?”
“We aren’t going over this again. Go pack your spacesuit, we are going to the Moon and that’s final.”

Her eyes contract into slits, “I knew you wouldn’t understand. It’s not my fault you grew up Earthbound and think going to the Moon is cool!” Five seconds until the dramatic exit…Blastoff!

I can hardly wait until we are in a vacuum and I can put her intercom on mute. Kids these days!


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