Flash Fridays – April 24th

For this weeks Flash! Friday we had to incorporate the theme of man vs man into a story about the following prompt. Note that the theme is intended in the generic sense, not in a gender specific way:

Scene from the Hungarian film "Márciusi mese," released in 1934. Public domain image.
Scene from the Hungarian film “Márciusi mese,” released in 1934. Public domain image.


I watch the love of my life cuddle up to someone else. I’ve done everything I can to be noticed, I’ve laughed at terrible jokes, pretended to share interests, I even endured the endless relationship drama, waiting patiently for my turn.

I was sure my time was now. That last breakup was apocalyptic. Things were thrown, tears were shed, harsh words were spit into this world. I was there as the shoulder to cry on, the confidant to provide guidance through the darkest hours of the night. I’ve worked hard to earn my place, but I’m not happy here. I want more.

It didn’t take long for the competition to show up. Nature abhors a vacuum. This one is even younger than the last. I can’t help but compare, my thinning mop to those long flowing locks, my crooked nose to the one carved from purest marble. Never have I detested someone so instantly. To hear my soulmate laughing with someone else is like acid poured into my heart. I won’t give up though, I have fought too long and hard to turn back now. I won’t let anything stop me, not her, not even the fact that he doesn’t love men that way. It’s time to confess my love.


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