Warmup Wednesdays – June 17th

For this weeks Warmup Wednesday we had to include a birthday or the anniversary of a death into a story about the following prompt:

Son, this is the TajTaj Mahal. CC2.0 photo by Roehan Rengadurai.

The Dawn

His eyes light up as the sun rises over the majestic building. He makes that excited gasp I always loved so much. One stupid school project and this became his dream, to see the Taj Mahal in person. This was the trip I had promised him, before the chemotherapy had made travel impossible.

I clutch at the headscarf in my hand, the tears flowing freely now. The tiny figure by my side evaporates like the morning dew. It’s been a year, but I can still see his face, hear his laugh, feel the warmth of his smile.

Goodbye my son.


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