Flash Fridays – July 10th

This weeks Flash! Friday was based around the elements from Charlie and the chocolate factory. The ones I chose to incorporate into my story were conflict (man vs man) and theme (you reap what you sow).

I didn’t really incorporate the optional photo prompt this week, but here it is for posterity’s sake:

Chemical Factory. CC2.0 photo by Astrid Westvang.Chemical Factory. CC2.0 photo by Astrid Westvang.

What goes around… 

The crippled kid casually invades my turf, accompanied by squeals of protest from rusty wheels thirsty for a drink of oil. He really looks the part. The right amount of dirt, that faint stench of desperation, his smile even stays limp in the corners.

The effect is immediate, the punters are drawn to him like fat kids to a candy store. The coins rain into his cap.

We make eye contact across the busy road and the best he can manage is a nod. He’s stealing from me and he knows it.

I dart across to confront him. He leaps out of his wheelchair to defend himself, the illusion broken. As people gasp in betrayal he lunges for me, but I dodge just in time. He doesn’t see the ambulance until it’s too late. Crunch.

I no longer confront the kid in the wheelchair when he invades my turf. 



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