Google Glass

I’ve recently been reading a lot about Google Glass – a futuristic looking pair of glasses that have a camera and computer built right in. The video from Google really got me thinking about the possible applications of this kind of technology. Up until recently a video camera was something you had to specifically bring … More Google Glass

My Goal 2013

I’ve thought of myself as a ‘writer’ for several years now whilst I have quietly chipped away at a full length novel. The problem is that life has a spectacular ability to get in the way. Of the 100k words I have written of my novel at least 80k of them were written during a … More My Goal 2013

Short-ish stories

Did you ever stop to wonder why novels are so long? Before you say anything I know that they aren’t all long, but the typical novel sits at approximately 70-80k words. That is a lot of reading! Longer stories make a lot of sense when considered in the traditional publishing sense, no-one’s going to pay … More Short-ish stories