CraigWelcome to the blog from my website Today’s Chapter, the home of the writings, musings and general grumblings of Craig Anderson. I’m a Brit that lives in Canada, and I moved here via Australia, so no matter where I go people hear my bizarre accent and ask me where I am from. I have a beautiful wife, a gorgeous daughter, two cats called Sydney & Mel, and an arsehole Brittany Spaniel called Jasper. He’s not really an arsehole, he’s just a puppy, but sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

I’m a bit of a nerd and play a lot of video games, normally during the hours I am supposed to be writing/cleaning/looking after Jasper. I am also a total coffee snob, which is all Melbourne’s fault. Anyway, please take a look around at all my interesting and up to date content, unless you come here after March 2013 in which case feel free to wonder why I stopped posting. Hopefully it is because I am playing video games and not because I am dead or kidnapped. If i was kidnapped please tell my kidnappers I am a poor starving artist and can’t afford the ransom, unless it’s in Xbox games, in which case I’m golden.