Flash Fridays – August 7th

For this weeks Flash! Friday the story elements were inspired by the Hound of the Baskervilles. The elements I chose to include in my story were arrogant detective and isolated country manor. Here was this weeks optional photo prompt:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/purpleseadonkey/16682953203/in/photolist-rqduLc-7ZZwzz-ftaChd-5LmtSy-9TnTEY-fvPeqq-9rKhZn-8qR2tj-8qR2pj-8qQyR1-813EsN-8sPnB1-9AHHZD-8rJfrS-8rh7xS-8wDA1Z-fstiBo-5pEqbY-8qNka6-8qN7uV-8utsGC-8sreSV-8qP2tp-ftGSv8-ftXeJQ-frfsum-8qPaUK-fwiF5Y-ftXfhu-813ETG-fueQm8-8qMUJk-8qMsEF-8qQyFj-8qR23N-8qNkf2-8qP2dr-8qNjMv-8qMshe-8qMsHV-8qR27Y-8qN7kX-8qN7fx-8qNk4K-8qMUP6-8qNjXB-i75iib-8qSeuC-8qS9kh-8qP2EPLyme Park House & Estate. CC2.0 photo by Purpura Mare Asinus.


“I have solved the mystery!” Murdock Condo proclaimed to no-one in particular.
Dr. Hudson rolled her eyes, “Which mystery have you solved now Mr. Condo?”
“The ghastly murder of Mrs. Jenkins of course!”
This was news to Mrs. Jenkins, who stopped watching her gameshows long enough to proclaim, “I was murdered?”
Murdock nodded furiously, “Indeed you were, and I am the only one with the intellect to solve this impossible case.”

Dr. Hudson made a note in her notepad and took a deep breath before continuing, “How was she murdered?”
“She was bludgeoned to death.”
“How terrible. Why would anyone do such a thing?”
“Clearly the culprit intends to inherit this magnificent country manor house!”

Dr. Hudson stared around the room at the tatty arm chairs and well worn carpets. Magnificent was a stretch. She spoke slowly, “Mr. Condo, do you remember why you are here?”
“I’m here to solve the case of course!”
“Not exactly. Your family moved you here so we could look after you and make you better. You’re not a detective, you’re a retired English teacher.”
“Nonsense woman, clearly you’re in cahoots with the murderer. No matter, I have already cracked the case, you’re too late.”
Dr. Hudson let curiosity get the better of her, “Ok Mr.Condo, who is Mrs. Jenkins murderer?”
“I put it to you that it was Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the candlestick…”

She let out a deep sigh and made a note to up Mr. Condo’s meds and keep him away from the board games cupboard for a while.


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