Flash Fridays – August 21st

For this weeks Flash! Friday we were using themes from the Canterbury Tales. The themes I chose to use were a Saint that survives execution and pranks. I didn’t use the optional photo prompt from this week, but here it is below:


Traveler. CC2.0 pic by Nathaniel.

Prank you Lord!


St. Joseph said his final prayers. Perhaps the good Lord would save him? He’d been such a loyal and faithful servant. Surely that had to count for something?


Who was he kidding? He’d seen enough sick children die and murderers go free to know that there would be no divine intervention.

He scolded himself. Now was not the time to doubt his faith, moments before meeting St. Peter.


Joseph held his breath. No pain came. He opened his eyes, expecting pearly gates. Instead he saw a frustrated firing squad.

The Captain bellowed, “Have you lot been at the rum again? How can ten of you miss? Reload!”
One of the recruits tentatively raised his hand, “erm Captain, we’re all out of bullets. The rest vanished from the armoury last night.”
The Captain thought for a moment before making a cross over his chest, “One miracle I can ignore, but not two. Cut him free.”

Joseph ran off before they could change their mind, muttering thank you towards the heavens.

Meanwhile, in the armoury, the new recruits were being lectured, “This stupid prank war has to stop! At first it was funny, but now you’re hiding supplies and messing with sights. Someone is going to get hurt!”


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