Flash Fridays – August 28th

For this weeks Flash! Friday our themes were based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic Lord of the Rings. The themes I chose to incorporate were an ordinary person tangled in epic events and good triumphs over evil. I didn’t really incorporate the optional picture this week, but here it is:


Mt. Teide: the conic-point that meets the skies. CC2.0 pic by Julie Ann Johnson.

Should have put a ring on it…

In the endless forest, a fair maiden was going about her day. As she skipped along a glint of metal caught her eye. She stooped to retrieve the simple black ring from the ground. A powerful urge commanded her to slip it onto her finger. The moment she did, a ghastly wraith appeared. It’s voice was hollow and low, “Mortal, you have awoken the Sorcerer of Darkness from eternal damnation. This ring now binds us as one.”

The maiden stared at her hand, “Wait, is this yours? And you’re giving it to me?”
“That is correct. It forms an eternal bond that cannot be broken.”
She giggled and jumped up and down, “Well this is certainly unusual, but I will!”

The wraith scratched his bony head, “Will what?”
“Marry you of course silly. I wondered when my Prince Charming would arrive. You’re not what I was expecting, but I suppose in this day and age a maiden has to be open minded.”

“Quiet foolish woman, you are not my bride, you’re my slave. You will do my evil bidding!”
“I see we’re going to have to work on your old fashioned values! We should get on the phone immediately and book the dwarven fortress for next summer, a venue like that will be in high demand. Also we should talk about surnames. I’m not partial to being Mrs. Darkness. Perhaps we could hyphenate? How do you feel about being the Sorcerer of Jones-Darkness?”

“What? No! Why isn’t this working? You’re supposed to succumb to my will.”
“No will is strong enough to deter me from my dream wedding, you should learn to compromise. Now let’s talk menu. Chicken or fish?”

The wraith groaned. There really wasn’t much choice. It was this or the fires of hell. He vanished in a cloud of acrid smoke.

His fiancee called after him, “I hope you’ve gone to the jewellery store, this ring is missing some bling…”


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